Monday, August 8, 2011

35th National Milo Marathon - Race Results

I was really excited in this run, my first major run. I was a bit disappointed that Jeri and ate Yna didn't run due to a bad weather. But I was really determined and had  a mindset that no matter what happens, I will definitely run. It's a good thing Angel confirmed that he was. I had a taxi to bring me to MOA, this also my first run in MOA, so many first in here. When I was looking for the 21k baggage area. I heard the gunstart. The race I was excited about started without me. Finally, I found the baggage area. I pleaded to the baggage staff to get my bag immediately. I jumped off the steel fence and with no warm up, I ran.

The rain poured like there's no tomorrow, well I was just exaggerating a bit, another first on the list. But I felt great I believed the rain will give me more strength. I was looking for Angel and for other familiar faces but I can't find anyone until I reached the Luneta U-turn. I paced with Angel up to 13 km. I was surprise I was still running up to that point maybe the POWERAIN(Poweraid+Rain) helped me. I increased my pace for 1 km and noticed my eyes is getting blurry. I didn't know if it's the rain that gets into my eyes or I was exhausted. To worsen things up, I felt pain on my stomach, it's like a cramp or something. It happens to me normally on every run. I asked someone about the time, I had run for almost 1.5 hr. I felt confident that I can beat the cutoff time of 2.5 so I slowed a bit and did the run-walk strategy. At last I saw the last turn and saw the time, 2:06. I knew I had more strength left in me so I sprint the last 200 meters. A new PR. I was so happy. I can't help but shout. I didn't care about other finishers who finished ahead of me. I really love the medal. It's worth running. I wished every medal would be this great.

Well when I saw the official result, my official time logged to 2:16. I was disappointed, again. But all-in-all, it was a great run. Running in the rain is really something that all runners must experienced. Till next year Milo.

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