Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mizuno Infinity Run 2, 06-11-11 Race Results

I've been busy this day that I wasn't able to blog about my run. My daughter is not feeling well because her growing tooth. And my team mate from our department is on leave so I got to handle all the incidents until he report to work.

Finally I got a chance to write something about it.

Pre Race:
Jeri and her sister Yna is also joining the race so I decided to sleep in their house. Both of them is running 5k mileage.We woke up around 3am and have some wheat bread with peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, low fat milk and coffee. I did some research so we ended up with this breakfast. We split up when we arrived at BGC. I jogged maybe a mile for my warm up and then stretched. Fifteen minutes before the race I feel like going to the portalets but I thought I can handle so I went straight to the starting line.

The Race:
This was kinda funny. As the host's doing her thing, a gun fires, I thought it was a false start but then the host screamed "Step on the mat, step on the mat." I was expecting a countdown just like any other runs. But then again the race begins and I started to run. I ran my pace for about 3 kilometers, picked up the pace for around 1or 2 kilometer then ran my pace again. I reached the 7 kilometer mark for about 40 minutes. I've seen my other running mates at the Mayapis loop. I feel proud since I was leading them but there is no competition between us as far as I'm concern. After that I started the run-walk pattern. I believe it's important to conserve energy since I have a very long way to go. When I reached Mckinley I was really tired, I continued the run-walk pattern spending more time on walks. Thanks to the good weather. It lessens the burden that I should be dealing. Sonata is doing her job very well. It's her Baptism of Fire. Keeping my feet from feeling any pain, but my right knee is gradually feeling a discomfort. At long last I saw the last turn, I gathered myself and ran at full speed. I wanted a strong finish, and I did. It was a great run. I recorded 2:26:00 approximately, beating my first 21k for about 13 minutes.

Post Race:
I was disappointed. I was expecting a finishers medal at the finish line but I got nothing. I headed to the baggage area to claim my bag. I claimed my finisher's shirt and my Gatorade from a different booth. I think it is better since I don't have to fall in line for a very long time. When I was heading to the photo booth, I saw Jeri and Yna already at the front of the line(feeling lucky). I was able to have pictures with Coach Rio too.

The organizer announced that they ran out of medals but the courier from Air21 is already headed to BGC to bring more. Angel, Mon and I hang out a little bit for more pictures and luckily the courier from Air21 arrived and we were able to claim the medals.

My assessment for the Event:
Singlet                   :  9

Baggage Counters :  9
Start Time(21K)    : 6(this could be higher if there is a countdown)
Route                    : 10
Hydration/             : 10

Water Station
Booths                  : 7(I wish there is separate booth for 21k runners)
Distributions of
Freebies/Medals   : 5
Race Results
Release                : 4
Race Photos        : 1 (I can't find mine)

Overall               : 6.7
After days of waiting finally here are the results courtesy of Mizuno.

5K   Results
10K Results
21K Results

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."

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