Friday, July 29, 2011 Runfest 2011 Race Results

It's almost a week and I haven't still write something on this run. It's a good thing I was able to squeeze time for my thought to be posted.

Pre Race:
I was really excited about this run. After three(3) Half Marathons, I'm back at 10k. I wanted to break the 1hr barrier. With the training I had I'm positive about it. I was with Jeri and Angel at the starting line but I felt that I won't be able to do my normal pace if I'm with them. I went to the portalets as an excused then do my warm up.
When I proceed to the starting line I saw a familiar face, it's the Kikay Runner. I had to think twice if she's really the real one hahah. After few seconds, I came up to my senses that she's really the Kikay Runner. I wanted to have a picture with her. I tried to look for Ate Yna for the camera but unfortunately I wasn't able to find her.

The Race:
I ran slower than my normal pace since I expected a tough run because of the uphill/downhill route of Mckinley. I was able to passed Jeri but we didn't talk. I hoped I could passed Angel too, but with his pace I knew he's way up ahead. I met him at the 10k U turn approximately 30 meters ahead of me. I continued to ran the pace until 8km. When I was about to make surges I accidentally stepped on a whole. I was looking for a sign of sprain and luckilly I was A-OK. I surged for 30 seconds and jogged for 1 minute then surged again. I had a strong finished but I wasn't able to see or catched up with Angel. He was in good condition too.

Post Race:
I was really disappointed not to achieved my goal. Although it was a new PR I really thought I could finished it under 1:00:00. But guess who is in the finish line to lighten me up. It was the Kikay Runner hahaha. I looked for Ate Yna again hoping she's already at our meeting place but I couldn't find her. Another time wasted. By the time I found my company, Kikay Runner is nowhere to be found. But I never ran out of luck that day. Before the race came to end I saw Kikay on the opposite side of the stage. I didn't wasted more time, I grabbed Ate Yna and rushed to her. I asked her if we can have a picture together and that's it. I even won the "Bring Me" contest but hurting my knee for jumping the stage hahaha.

Race Assessment:
Singlet:                       9   (Disappointed with the singlet design on picture, when I saw it personally, WOW)
Baggage Counters:     8   (Only 3, maybe they expected low numbers of runners but it was organized)
Start Time:               10 (Filipino Time - On time)
Route:                      10 (Love the Route (McKinley)
Booths/Freebies:      10 (Thanks to the Magazines and Rogin E, Nice Medal)
Hydration:                10 (Unlimited Powerade)
Photos:                      8  (I have lots)
Race Results              1  ( Sorry guys, at least you should have a backup, this is important to the runners)

Total:                  8.25

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yamaha Run for Heroes - July 3, 2011 - Race Results

Arrived early at BGC. Only Jeri and I participated in the event. Luckilly she was able to convinced her ate Yna to do the camera jobs. I did my usual warm up and stretching. I noticed a Kenyan jog. I can't help myself but observe him for a little while. I was curios on how he warm up and run. Nothing special I think.

I proceed to the 21k area and prepare for the gunstart. I was confident to achieve my goal time(2:10:00) and beat my PR. It's also a test run for the Milo Marathon eventhough it's 3 week after this event.

The gunstart fires and I ran slower than my normal pace. I had to remind my self not to run fast for at least 2km. I surged to the first water station, that was about less than 100 meters, drink water and walk for 30 seconds and run my planned pace.

I finished the race not feeling exhausted however my legs were tired. Especially my right knee. I felt pain whenever I bend it to touch my chest. Maybe my endurance is not yet enough for 21k.

I was little bit disappointed since I didn't reached my goal and not break my PR. But I was happy overall. It was my best run so far. To add to my disappointment, there is no medal waiting for me at the finish line. But runrio assured us that it will be delivered. I received my medal yesterday, thanks.

I would like to congratulate Jeri on her first 10k with a time 1:07. That is much faster than my first run which is 1:11.

I can't believe there are also cheaters on this event. I was surprised when Ms. Joy of PPCC talked to me about it. For me, the main purpose of running is discipline. I train hard to finished the race but others simply do the easy thing. On the second thought cheating is never easy hahaha. Maybe they also train on how to cheat. See story from Kulit on the Run.

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