Friday, July 29, 2011 Runfest 2011 Race Results

It's almost a week and I haven't still write something on this run. It's a good thing I was able to squeeze time for my thought to be posted.

Pre Race:
I was really excited about this run. After three(3) Half Marathons, I'm back at 10k. I wanted to break the 1hr barrier. With the training I had I'm positive about it. I was with Jeri and Angel at the starting line but I felt that I won't be able to do my normal pace if I'm with them. I went to the portalets as an excused then do my warm up.
When I proceed to the starting line I saw a familiar face, it's the Kikay Runner. I had to think twice if she's really the real one hahah. After few seconds, I came up to my senses that she's really the Kikay Runner. I wanted to have a picture with her. I tried to look for Ate Yna for the camera but unfortunately I wasn't able to find her.

The Race:
I ran slower than my normal pace since I expected a tough run because of the uphill/downhill route of Mckinley. I was able to passed Jeri but we didn't talk. I hoped I could passed Angel too, but with his pace I knew he's way up ahead. I met him at the 10k U turn approximately 30 meters ahead of me. I continued to ran the pace until 8km. When I was about to make surges I accidentally stepped on a whole. I was looking for a sign of sprain and luckilly I was A-OK. I surged for 30 seconds and jogged for 1 minute then surged again. I had a strong finished but I wasn't able to see or catched up with Angel. He was in good condition too.

Post Race:
I was really disappointed not to achieved my goal. Although it was a new PR I really thought I could finished it under 1:00:00. But guess who is in the finish line to lighten me up. It was the Kikay Runner hahaha. I looked for Ate Yna again hoping she's already at our meeting place but I couldn't find her. Another time wasted. By the time I found my company, Kikay Runner is nowhere to be found. But I never ran out of luck that day. Before the race came to end I saw Kikay on the opposite side of the stage. I didn't wasted more time, I grabbed Ate Yna and rushed to her. I asked her if we can have a picture together and that's it. I even won the "Bring Me" contest but hurting my knee for jumping the stage hahaha.

Race Assessment:
Singlet:                       9   (Disappointed with the singlet design on picture, when I saw it personally, WOW)
Baggage Counters:     8   (Only 3, maybe they expected low numbers of runners but it was organized)
Start Time:               10 (Filipino Time - On time)
Route:                      10 (Love the Route (McKinley)
Booths/Freebies:      10 (Thanks to the Magazines and Rogin E, Nice Medal)
Hydration:                10 (Unlimited Powerade)
Photos:                      8  (I have lots)
Race Results              1  ( Sorry guys, at least you should have a backup, this is important to the runners)

Total:                  8.25

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