Monday, May 23, 2011

adiZERO Boston 2

I will surely miss my first pair of Fila running shoes. I used it as a gym partner, a casual outfit and lately as a running shoes. All I can say is it never give me a foot problem after runs. After one year(almost) affair I decided to part ways with it. It's already worn out  and I can feel the ground on every stride I make. I can feel problem with my knees( I don't what it is called) specially on the long runs. It was the last of it I believe. As an overall rating, It served me will.

May 22, 2011: I went to SM North Department Store and looked for for a New Balance brand. The salesman told me that I can't used my discount coupon I got from Goldilocks Fun Run so I decided to look from other store. I went to Toby's and look for shoes designed for flatfooted which I believe for some time that I am. Fortunately there was Foot Guide by Runnrs installed in that store. I did try the test excited and surprise that I have a neutral foot. And I ended up buying the adiZERO Boston. It has a nice grip on foot, it's lighter than my old pair and I like the design. I will call it SONATA I still need to break it in to see its performance.

June 1, 2011: At long last I was able to break-in Sonata. I blamed it to the poor weather that I wasn't able to test her immediately. I ran my tempo runs in Legaspi Park. Since she's new I felt very stiff. I don't want her to have her scratches or get some dusts(lol). After few minutes jogging I felt comfortable. I picked up the pace and I felt like floating. As if my feet weren't touching the ground. All I can feel is the soft cushion from my soles absorbing the impact of my stride. My feet didn't feel any pain except for the sprain I got from basketball. I covered approximately 5km for about 30 minutes and my feet and knees felt okay. I wanted to go on but it's already dark.

June 7, 2011: This is the second time I tested my Sonata. I used to ran my intervals. I did the usual brisk walking and stretching then I started to jog for maybe a mile. After 4 rounds of intervals I felt exhausted. Usually I feel exhausted after the 6 or 7 rounds. I think I've gone to fast. I really went fast. I believed it's because of Sonata. She's lighter than my previous pair. It makes you ran faster even if you don't realize. I just walked the recovery interval of the remaining rounds because I was really exhausted. I ran for about an hour but my feet didn't feel any pain. And that's the best of it. I will just have to adjust with my pace when using Sonata. It's a good thing that I break it in. All in all this is a good pair. I have now my new running buddy.

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