Saturday, May 14, 2011

End of Celtics Big 3?

I am a Boston Celtics fan. Before this season starts, I feel that this will be the last run for my Celtics. I got excited when they are rolling on the pre-season standings. I feel that they can do it. Especially after they beat the Heat 3 games to nail during the preseason. But after the post season, the problem starts, maybe the age factor begins to matter. And the Kendrick Perkins trade made it worse. Their middle became so fragile. It became visible during the last stretch of the post season when they post a miserable 11 loses out of 20 games.

I have a second thought when they swept the Knicks on the first round. But who are the Knicks anyway? A duo of Stoudemire and Anthony.  They are good players but without Billups as their leader they are just scorers with no direction (that's what I think). Then the 4-1 lost to the Heat. It was very obvious that they can't finish what they started. Especially in the final quarters. Those losses were close. It was only decided on the last minutes of the game. Their legs is not there and maybe their hearts too. I hate to see them shooting the ball from 15 feet and beyond. What I like to see is them pounding the ball inside, muscling their way in, the way they play when they win their last crown. I like to see the old warrior's hearts, those tiger's eyes, the killer instincts. Maybe it's their in their heart but unwilling to come-out.
After the loss, a light has shine. Doc Rivers will be back for them next season. Then they could start to seek the missing pieces. Maybe a dominant center and a fast guard that can defend the likes of D-Wade and LBJ. It will be good if that player can penetrate the middle too.
Well I wish my Boston Celtics good luck. I believe they are not done. But they have to start working now if they want to put that 18th banner next season.

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