Wednesday, May 18, 2011

UNILAB Run United 1 2011 - March 6, 2011

This is my first run, so I decided to blog about it even if it's late.

After 2 weeks of jogging I decided to join the event. The day before the race I surfed the net to look for the foods to eat before the race. I just end up eating bread :-(. I slept to my office mate's house. I had a hard time getting my sleep. Maybe because of excitement, I woke around 4am. I have coffee and bread for breakfast. My friend drove me to BGC.

I can't imagine that there are lot people participating on this event. Plenty of chics I should say, lol. I was fired up when I heard the Runrio theme. Then the gunstart fires and so with my running journey. I had a good start. Make stop on every water station. I feel exhausted when I reached 8k. I tried to run but my feet were not there so I walk. 1k before the finish line I heard the theme song again. I started to gain power and run and reached the finish line. I can't explain the feeling. It was very satisfying and very fulfilling. The moment I stepped on the finish line felt like the I was born again . Every tick of the clock is like weeks, months or even years that you can think of all the things that you had to prepare for the run. It was like forever. I have a record of 1:11:09 which I think is not bad.

When I got home, I had a full body massage courtesy of Manang Manghihilot then sighed "this is life" like what I always say then I fell asleep.That was an experience. I know I will be running more.

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