Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goldilocks 45th Anniversary Fun Run – May 15, 2011

Done with the registration. Unfortunately I wasn't able to convince my friend to run the 10K mileage. All I have to do is practice, practice and practice. I will finish my first 21K mileage. I will.


  1. This is just my 2nd month in running. I joined 4 running events including this one. I've run 10k, 10mile, and 10k and now I'm running 21k. I think it's too soon to run this mileage. I'm in no rush but still I decided to take this. I have no particular reason, I'm just running for love.

  2. I survived my first 21k with official time of 2:39:12. I'm somewhat disappointed since my target is below 2:30:00.

    On the second note, I feel like I could have beat my goal time coz I walk the last 3 miles. I don't have energy to run anymore. My breathing is fine but I felt my knees. I can't explain the feeling. It wasn't painful but something that is not properly located anymore,lol. So I decided to rest them.

    Kenyans are Kenyans. They are really powerful runners. I've seen them down the Kalayaan Flyover on their way back to The Fort and I'm still on my way to Buendia. I can't imagine the distance between us, hahah.

    It was rewarding when I reached the finish line and I receive a medal. It's my first medal in sports. I will really treasure this one.

    It was disappointing on the photobooth. I waited almost an hour for the free photo. That's about 9am and I almost look like Kenyan after the event, lol.

    My next run probably will be Brooks Happy Run or I Run for Integrity. I'll just run the 15k mileage. So good luck to me.