Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy Week Itinerary: Home Sweet Home

After office I will play Lan Games with my officemates. The game is somewhat addicting(in my case). I expect lot of trash talks and many of them coming from me(lol). After the game maybe I will grab(literally) something to eat then go home to prepare my things. Yes, I won't go to work tomorrow. I will be spending the holy week in Pangasinan. I'll be bringing my daughter to my parents. I'm sure they're excited. But you know what I'm excited about. Me seeing them, of course. I also like to see how my nephew is doing. I'm sure he's grown and become more playful. I miss my friends. I've known them since I was a kid. I miss the beach. We also celebrate our Fiesta on Black Saturday and that means food, a lot of food. I'm sure diet is not on my priority list. I really like coming back to that place. It's really good to be at place where you're at peace. It is HOME.

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  1. Just got back from our province. I left my daughter to my parents. I miss her already :( I spend the holy week mostly at home. It was fun. my nephew is very energetic as expected. I enjoy watching him kissing my daughter. I love that. At least he's not jealous of having the attention diverted to my child. I love them to grow close to each other. Just as I and my siblings do. I can't wait to see that.